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We provide complete solutions for your packaging needs through green and innovative technology. We custom design chemistry applications to deliver solutions and contribute to mills' sustainability efforts.

Some of the solutions provided are:

  • Improved sizing and retention-drainage chemistry to reduce total production cost
  • Reduced steam consumption through wet-end and fabric management programs
  • Reduced use of fiber through increased strength properties
  • Use of green enzymatic chemistry for deposit control, stickies control, strength development, drainage, and more
  • Control of effluent BOD & COD
  • Increased water reuse through better fiber and water management
  • Many other unique programs to meet your production, quality, sustainability, and environmental needs
  • Stabilizing the wet end to improve strength, runability, and recycled fiber yield

For information about our Maximyze® enzymatic technology, view this video.


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Medallion® ASA

Get more stability on the wet end, greater consistency at the reel.

ENG / ENG (A4)

Reinforce for Packaging

Apply Reinforce dry strength technologies from Buckman: strength on the machine and on the bottom line.

ENG / ENG (A4)
SA (A4) / EUR (A4)


For more information on how you can pack more performance into your paperboard please contact a Buckman representative.


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