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Because we are separated—by many miles, by diversity of cultures and languages—we at Buckman need a clear understanding of the basic principles by which we will operate our company. These are:

That the company is made up of individuals—each of whom has different capabilities and potentials—all of which are necessary to the success of Buckman.

That we acknowledge that individuality by treating each other with dignity and respect—striving to maintain continuous and positive communications among all of us.

That we recognize and reward the contributions and accomplishments of our associates.

That we continually work to improve our teaming skills because we recognize that effective teamwork is essential to fulfilling our purpose.

That we continually strive to learn both as an organization and as individuals so that we are positioned to create value.

That we continually plan for the future so that we can control our destiny instead of letting events overtake us.

That we make all decisions in light of what is right for the good of the whole company rather than what is expedient in a given situation.

That our customers are the only reason for the existence of Buckman and, to serve them properly, we must supply services and products which provide economic benefit over and above their cost.

That we must apply creativity to everything we do.

That we must use the highest ethics to guide our business dealings to ensure that we are always proud to be a part of Buckman.

That we will discharge the responsibilities of corporate and individual citizenship to earn and maintain the respect of the community.

As individuals and as a corporate body, we must endeavor to uphold these standards so that we may be respected as persons and as an organization.




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