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MEMPHIS, TN, USA, July 24, 2013 – Buckman today announced the filing and publishing of its second Sustainability Report with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). This 2012 Report follows a first venture into GRI measurement, reporting and targeting undertaken by the company in 2010. With this report, Memphis-based Buckman again places its commitment to sustainability on par with the most respected and emulated companies in the world. GRI is a network-based organization that produces a comprehensive sustainability reporting framework that is widely used as the benchmark around the world. In its second GRI Sustainability report, Buckman again adhered to GRI G3 reporting guidelines, but moved to a Level B report as a reflection of its commitment to transparency in reporting and continuous improvement processes in sustainability management and performance. The 2012 report details the company's sustainability in seven sections: economics, environment, labor, human rights, society, product responsibility, and strategy and profile. The product responsibility section is a new reporting area for 2012.

"The key takeaway from our 2012 report is the progress we have made to meet some of our reduction targets set in 2010, while not losing ground or taking steps back in any area," said Lela Simpson Gerald, Director of Global Marketing Communications at Buckman. "As we state in the introduction to the 2012 report, 'Although Buckman has long been committed to a more sustainable future, creating formal sustainability reports like this one has given us a comprehensive way to measure our progress over time. We have been able to identify opportunities for operational improvements that not only benefit the environment but also make us more competitive in the marketplace.'"

The Buckman report was led by a team of Buckman associates from around the globe. The report assimilates data and key metrics in each of the seven categories. From that data, short-term, medium-term and long-term goals are established or updated from the 2010 report. In one of the most extensive section of the XX page report, the environment section, Buckman demonstrates how it has made great strides toward achieving its 2015 reduction goals in waste, energy and water consumption and emissions. And, in many cases already met them.

"Everything we do, make or envision takes environmental sustainability into account," quoted Gerald from the report. "It's not about doing what's adequate to comply with environmental laws and regulations. It's about growth for us and our customers. And it's about doing our part in what has become a global way of life--handing down to our children a clean and healthy environment."

The report allows Buckman to not only measure where it stands in the global marketplace on such critical issues as economic sustainability, labor, human rights and societal impact, it also presents a forum for Buckman to lead by example and share its practices with other global companies.

The report, which is titled "Transparency" is available online at www.buckman.com/sustainability, and will be used by executives around the world at environmental speaking engagements and events, for employee education, for industry outreach, for supplier/customer outreach and as a benchmark for future initiatives. To further its use of the research, Buckman is also producing a summary document for marketing purposes that offers a more condensed version of the data focused on key lessons, and is producing a video for sales reps to share the Buckman sustainability story.

In addition to raw numbers and charts of progress, the GRI report highlights more than 20 awards, citations or performance based certifications earned by Buckman around the world since the last report was published. The most recent being at the 9th Annual Sonoco/JBE/MYCA Supplier Diversity Business Conference on May 7 in Hartsville, SC, where Buckman was presented The Sonoco Supplier Sustainability Award recognizing the company as a Sonoco supplier who demonstrates a clear differentiation from their competitors with measurable, strategic and transparent social and environmental responsibility efforts.

The GRI report also features case studies which examine specific Buckman customer challenges, the Buckman solutions to those challenges and the resulting Return on Investment (ROI) and Return on Environment (ROE).

Buckman, as a company, operates on a code of ethics, principles of effective teamwork and business management standards – all of which are reflected in the report. Few companies or organizations the size of Buckman have taken the time or dedicated the resources to sustainability reporting at this level. And, when you consider categories as diverse as economic value generated, direct and indirect environmental impacts, and workforce and human rights data, the uniqueness of the Buckman undertaking and transparency is a remarkable statement of corporate leadership.

"The GRI gives us a consistent framework upon which we can be measured by employees, customers, communities, and ourselves to ensure we are being the kind of global corporate citizen we aspire to be," said Gerald. "Many companies around the world, particularly large global companies for whom sustainability is often a bigger issue, have supplier sustainability goals, and this report helps us compete at this level as a supplier of choice."

Buckman invites media and the general public to examine the report.

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Buckman is a privately held, global specialty chemical company with headquarters in Memphis, Tennessee, USA. Buckman works proactively and collaboratively with our worldwide customers in pulp and paper, leather, and water treatment to deliver exceptional service and innovative specialty chemical solutions to help boost productivity, reduce risk, improve product quality, and provide a measurable return on investment. Buckman is committed to safeguarding the environment, maintaining safety in the workplace, and promoting sustainable development, for our more than 1,500 associates, our customers and our communities in more than 90 countries around the world.



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