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Our products can be applied either directly to your customer's systems or indirectly through your formulations. The applications will provide for products and technology in all areas of your water treatment requirements:

  • Cooling water systems (open and closed systems)
  • Boiler water and steam/condensate systems
  • Wastewater treatment
  • Reverse Osmosis
  • Ionic Exchange
  • Raw water clarification

Microbiological Control
Buckman has a complete product range available to deal with the cost-effective control of bacteria, algae, and fungi. Our products include both oxidizing and non-oxidizing biocides. We can provide technical advice and expertise on the best biocide for your particular customer application and also assist with providing testing regimes and recommended dose rates and application points on your customer sites. Biocide selection is very specific for the type of microbial deposit and can be selected accordingly.

Corrosion Inhibition
The Buckman product range available for preventing corrosion in process and water systems is large. The product selectivity is dependent on system metallurgy, water chemistry, microbial contaminants, and physical conditions. Your Buckman representative can assist in providing best options targeted towards specific customer systems. Corrosion is generally a result of scale and microbial deposition or incompatible metallurgy in a system. This destructive interrelationship can be controlled by the skillful application of system knowledge and the judicious use of water treatment chemicals.

Inorganic and organic deposit control
Buckman can assist with control of deposits through the use of our range of microbiocides, dispersants, and scale control additives. Our flexible, solutions-oriented approach focuses our extensive resources and experience on your customer performance goals.
Our products can assist you in formulating products to:

  • Control calcium and other mineral scale buildup
  • Protect against fouling caused by suspended matter
  • Maintain clean heat transfer surfaces for increased efficiency

Water Clarification
Buckman has a wide range of coagulants and flocculants to remove suspended solids and color in raw water and wastewater treatment systems. Optimum use of the best product and application point is identified to provide a clean source of water for industrial processes and wastewater disposal.
Buckman also provides defoamers to eliminate troublesome foam and polymers to assist in sludge dewatering.

Reverse Osmosis
Buckman's products are available to protect the integrity and increase the life expectancy of reverse osmosis elements. The products include microbiocides, dispersants, scale inhibitors, and membrane-cleaning formulations to provide the full spectrum of chemicals required to ensure optimum performance of RO systems.

In addition to the above application areas, Buckman can provide support with formulations and products targeted to specific end users. Buckman can work with you to identify system requirements and, where justified, can provide specific formulations.

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