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Buckman’s comprehensive beamhouse and tanyard processing technologies can save time, eliminate bottlenecks, boost yield and reduce inconsistency resulting in lower production costs and increased profitability.

Leather is made...in the beamhouse.

What are your tannery's objectives? Buckman's BBTS can help you develop better wetblue or free-of-chrome leather.

Product Range: A full range of specialty products for beamhouse and tanyard processing.

BUZYME® - The latest in bioengineered enzyme technology, including patented liquid stabilization for safe and consistent use of nature's catalysts on all types of raw material.

  • Soaking assists
  • Unhairing assists
  • Bating – Normal and Acid
  • Lipase – Alkaline and Acid

BUSPERSE® - A diverse range of products for specialty needs in the beamhouse and tanyard.
Wetting agents, penetrants, emulsifiers, and degreasers

  • Unhairing assists
  • Delime agents
  • Pickling assists
  • Sequestering agents

BUTAN - Products used for consistent and cost-effective pickling and tanning.

  • Tanning agents
  • Basifying and pH control agents
  • Fixatives

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