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Refining your operation with more efficient water treatment solutions.

Buckman provides greener technologies and holistic water treatment solutions for all areas of the refinery, from influent to wastewater, from process to reuse. We can even solve odor problems and provide combustion additives. But what's really important isn't the services we provide; it's the results we achieve:

  • Risk management
  • Improved sustainability – reductions in water, energy use, and emissions
  • Improved asset protection, production reliability, and product quality
  • Production optimization and system reliability
  • Protection of equipment integrity
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Reduced total cost of operation

Look to Buckman for leading-edge automated control systems, too, like our proprietary EZe Monitor™ and our Buckman Process Counselor™ (BPC), an integrated monitoring tool and management information system that tracks your heat transfer efficiencies in real time and expresses them in dollar terms. With accurate cost/benefit information, BPC allows predictive management of treatment and cleaning programs.


Crude Oil Refinery

Crude oil refinery flow diagram showing process chemical additives.
(This is an interactive PDF. Roll over the orange arrows for more information.)

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