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The textile industry has variety of needs facing different kinds of processes, fibers, final products, shelf life, etc. Buckman has developed an extensive product line to help our customers obtain the results they are looking for.

Products and Services Include:

Microbiological control
Our knowledge in microbiological control allows us to identify and quantify in our laboratories the existing or possible microbiological contaminations that occur in the products when stored. There are many products in the textile that can be contaminated by bacteria, fungi, or algae; therefore they need to be preserved. Our line of products controls all textile materials that can be attacked.

Our dispersants are used in textile additive formulations to guarantee the dispersion of small particles in the vehicle, to keep the product stable and homogeneous.

Dye Fixatives
Dye fixatives are necessary in print shops and laundries to improve dye setting of fabrics, preventing their discoloration. Buckman has developed products that can increase the dye fixative and improve the use of the pigments.

Metal scavengers
Metals are a problem in laundry and print shop waters because they can interfere in fabric dye setting, causing stains and non-uniformity among the coloration. Buckman has products that scavenge these metals in order to get better results.

Buckman has a complete product range to remove solids and pigments in suspension. These polymers make effluents ready to be used again in the process.

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