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Effect of fungal growth on pH and grain quality of wet-blue  (ILM Sept/Oct 2016)

Advances in understanding of enzymatic unhairing of bovine hides.
(JALCA, VOL. 109, 2014)

The value of leather as a component brand "... And what are we doing about it?"
(The 54thJjohn Arthur Wilson Memorial Lecture, 2013)

Development of CHED Fungicide for the Leather Industry
(*Based on a paper presented October 2012 at FLAQTIC Congress in Uruguay)

Chrome Stains or Iron-FFA Complexes
(Based on presentation at 31st IULTCS Congress in Spain, 2011)

A New Antifungal Agent for the Leather Industry
(JSLTC, Vol. 95, January 2011, pg 7-10)

Magnesium oxide: A Forgotten Specialty Chemical
(Presented at AAQTIC Symposium in 2010)

Fungal growth on wetblue: Methods to Measure Impact on Leather Quality
(30th IULTC Global Congress, Beijing, China 2009)

Recent Developments in the Short-Term Preservation of Cattle Hides.
(JALCA, Vol 103, November 2008, pg 383-392)

Soaking: Balancing Operational and Quality Issues using both Fresh and Brine Cured Hides.
(JALCA, Vol. 103, Feb 2008, pg 76 - 85)

The application of modern biotechnology methods and the manufacture of quality leathers.
(World Leather, Aug/Sept 2007, pg 35-41)

Application of Molecular Techniques to Identify Bacteria Isolated from the Leather Industry.
(JALCA, Vol 101, 2006, pg 140-145)

Advances in Stabilised Enzymes for Leather Processing.
(Update presented at SLTC South Africa, June 2007)

Antibiotics In Hide Preservation And Bacterial Control.
(Feb 2007 issue of JALCA - Vol. 102(2)

Alternative Solutions For Fungal Protection of Packed Wet Blue.
(December 2006 issue of the ALCA Journal)

The Replacement of NPES as Degreasing Agents in Wet Blue Manufacture.
(World Leather)

Measurement of Bacterial Populations In Typical Tannery Soak Solutions.

Defects and Their Negative Impact on Leather Quality.

Fact and Fantasy Regarding Resistance to Microbicides.

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