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Providing new resources to conserve our most precious one—water.

Population growth and industrial expansion have increased the need for water reuse. Fortunately, Buckman has met the corresponding need for sustainable water treatment products and procedures that allow industries to safely and reliably use water with higher levels of salts, organics, and solids—waters that would have been considered unusable in the past.

Buckman has an extensive track record in providing leading-edge treatment programs to zero liquid discharge industrial plants. These programs are designed to allow full water recovery and reuse across industries as diverse as integrated steel mills, large chemical and hydrocarbon processing facilities, mining and mineral processing plants, pulp and paper mills, food plants, and large fossil-fired power stations. Whether your challenge is water recycling, water reuse, or water recovery, we have the technologies and experience to assist you. Look to Buckman for:

  • Thermal desalination
  • Membrane desalination
  • Biological treatment plants
  • Organic / COD removal
  • Solid-liquid separation
  • Scale & corrosion treatment for high solids loading and increased COC waters

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