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We provide complete solutions for your packaging needs through green and innovative technology.
We custom design chemistry applications to deliver solutions and contribute to mills' sustainability efforts.

Some of the solutions provided are:

  • Improved sizing and retention-drainage chemistry to reduce total production cost
  • Reduced steam consumption through wet-end and fabric management programs
  • Reduced use of fiber through increased strength properties
  • Use of green enzymatic chemistry for deposit control, stickies control,
    strength development, drainage, and more
  • Control of effluent BOD & COD
  • Increased water reuse through better fiber and water management
  • Many other unique programs to meet your production, quality, sustainability, and environmental needs
  • Stabilizing the wet end to improve strength, runability, and recycled fiber yield

Unpack your mill’s potential with Maximyze® enzymatic technologies from Buckman.

Case Studies

Better drainage. Greater tonnage.
Drainage issues limited production on a recycled linerboard machine. The implementation of a Maximyze program quickly improved drainage for the mill.

Machine speeds increased by as much as 11%. Steam use decreased by 8% and CO2 emissions were reduced by 1806 metric tons per year.

Fast. Flexible. Frugal.
A core and tube producer wanted to increase production, have greater flexibility in its fiber selection and reduce energy use. Buckman applied Maximyze to the pulper, which conditioned the fiber faster.

Speed increased 10%. Refining energy decreased 30%. And tensile strength increased 30%.

Maximyze employs specially-selected enzymes
to condition fiber with less energy and less stress to the fiber itself, so you can:

Increase Machine Speeds
Maximyze improves sheet strength and drainage so you can speed up production.

Reduce Fiber Costs
Because Maximyze doesn’t compromise the integrity of fiber the way conventional mechanical conditioning can, you can turn to less expensive fiber or reduce basis weight while maintaining or increasing sheet strength.

Reduce Energy Costs
By reducing refining energy needed, Maximyze enables mills to save on steam and increase profitability.

Improve Your Environmental Footprint
Reduced energy and fiber use reduces emissions from both the refining process and transportation. In fact, Maximyze is a U.S. EPA Presidential Green Chemistry
Challenge Award winner!

For information about our Maximyze enzymatic technology, view this video.

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