Stickies Control for Packaging

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Stickies Control for Packaging

Case Study #1 - Increased paper machine production by as much as 11%.

Challenge: A mill making kraft liner wanted to decrease the cost of its stickies and pitch program and reduce the number of breaks.
Solution: Buckman applied Optimyze® Plus at the tower inlet where short fiber and recycled fiber mixed.
Result: Paper machine production increased by 11% in one machine and 9.8% in another. Costs were significantly reduced.
Return on Investment: US$870,000/year or US$1.81/metric ton

Case Study #2 - Reduced rejects and impact on the environment.

Challenge: A mill making recycled medium for corrugated packaging was experiencing a high break frequency with its dispersant program and rejecting a lot of board because of excess dirt.
Solution: Buckman replaced the dispersant with a continuous application of Optimyze Plus at the white water tank.
Result: Breaks and rejects were dramatically reduced.
Return on Investment: US$32,640/year or US$0.68/metric ton

Case Study #3 - Improved runnability and product quality.

Challenge: A packaging mill making recycled medium wanted to reduce stickies-related downtime and reduce customer complaints about “grease spots” on the paper.
Solution: Buckman applied Optimyze Plus to the waste chest.
Result: Monitoring of the approach flow stock showed the number of stickies was reduced by 46% and the size of the remaining stickies was reduced by 82%. The downtime from stickies-associated cleaning and breaks was reduced by approximately 7.3 hours per month. And “grease spots” were significantly reduced in size and number.
Return on Investment: US$825,600/year or $4.17/metric ton

Case Study #4 - Reduced raw material costs.

Challenge: A cartonboard manufacturer wanted to replace kraft envelope furnish with white ledger to save $220 per ton in raw material costs. But the ink in the recycled white ledger agglomerated, causing black and blue spots on the finished board.
Solution: Buckman determined that, in addition to stickies control, Optimyze Plus could prevent ink from agglomerating.
Result: Ink spots were eliminated allowing the mill to use the less expensive furnish.
Return on Investment: US$547,940/year or US$5.89/ metric ton

Case Study #5 - Turned a profit in the dryer cylinders.

Challenge: A mill making liner fluting had to stop the machine twice a day to clean the drying cylinders and fabric, losing valuable production time.
Solution: Buckman determined the problem was a build-up of stickies in the dryer section. These were transferred to the paper surface causing breaks during the rewinding operation. Optimyze Plus was applied to the OCC chest.
Result: Machine runnability improved dramatically and paper quality was enhanced.
Return on Investment: US$241,500/year or US$2.86/metric ton

Case Study #6 - Minimized downtime and cleaning chemical costs.

Challenge: A kraft liner mill was having to shut down frequently for scraping and felt replacement.
Solution: Buckman began an Optimyze Plus program to reduce downtime and extend felt life.
Result: The mill saved approximately 100 minutes of downtime per month as well as $2500 per month in cleaning chemical costs.
Return on Investment: US$342,492/year or US$0.63/metric ton

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