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Increasing Absorbency
Buckman® 385

Absorbency is a key performance characteristic for toweling grades. The market for toweling products continues to demand increasing wet and dry tensile strength, which often has an inverse relationship with both absorbency rate and capacity. Additionally, the use of recycled fiber sources containing hydrophobic materials (such as sizing components) for the manufacture of toweling grades will impact on absorbency and can lead to absorbency reversion over time (aging).

Increased absorbency rate:
Buckman® 385 is unique chemistry designed to improve the wicking characteristics of the base tissue sheet, thereby increasing the absorbency rate. Buckman 385 requires no make down equipment and is fed into the system with a typical metering pump. Buckman 385 will not foam and does not negatively impact the yankee coating process like most "absorbency aids will". Buckman 385 also delivers a permanent boost in absorbency, unlike most surfactant based products whose absorbency boost decreases over time and can even dissipate completely before the product reaches its end use.

Increased total absorbency
Through the application of Buckman chemistry in the wet end, absorption capacity (volume of fluid that can be taken up by the sheet) can be significantly improved. Sheet void area is the main driving force here and optimization of the fiber mix, strength development and creping process are integral to developing maximum absorbency. Buckman can help tailor an optimized approach for your tissue machine to generate final sheet structure you need.


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