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Microbiological Control

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Unique and proprietary aqueous solutions to provide cost-effective microbiological control in pulp and paper process water, pulp suspensions, and influent and effluent streams.

Comprehensive product line including:

  • Traditional organic microbiocides
  • Inorganic oxidizing chemistries
  • Biodispersant (non-biocide)
  • Enzyme-based technology

Application Strategy
Coordinated approach using the correct products for each application, while designing a complete value-driven package to address:

  • Specific system requirements
  • Product stewardship, health, safety
  • Environmental
  • Regulatory

Monitoring and Control Strategy
Monitoring of the chemical program(s) is completed using a variety and/or a combination of methods:

  • Microbiology enumeration: plate counts, dip slides
  • ATP and ORP
  • Visual inspection of treated systems
  • On-site microscopy analysis
  • Detailed laboratory deposit analysis

Control Strategy is based on a clear understanding of customer requirements and measurements, allowing service representatives to make necessary adjustments to programs using monitoring data/information as a guide.

  • Reduce off-quality product due to microbiological deposits and holes
  • Reduce downtime due to machine breaks—improving machine efficiency
  • Increase length of time between washups, shutdown cleaning, and system boilouts
  • Reduce chemical costs and cost of manufacturing

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