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Retention, Drainage, & Formation

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Comprehensive product line for the management of drainage, retention, and formation for tissue, packaging, and paper grades including:

  • Bufloc® range of chemistries for charge control
  • Bufloc and Mosaic® range of chemistries to manage drainage and formation
  • Selected range of both synthetic and natural microparticle technologies for improved formation and retention
  • Specific Bufloc range of chemistries for enhanced filler loading

Application Strategy
Comprehensive solution provider including:

  • Design and supply of polymer make-down units and automatic dosing systems with sophisticated control logics suitable for stand-alone applications or direct link to the DCS
  • On-line monitoring that provides closed loop control of the entire program
  • Advice on blade and pocket angle setup

Monitoring and Control Strategy
Capable of providing a full range of services to optimize the program performance including:

  • Sophisticated product screening capability
  • Comprehensive machine surveys to measure the program performance and the influence the program has on all aspects of machine performance
  • Identification of energy- and water-saving streams for sustainability purposes

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