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Unique and proprietary aqueous solutions of enzymes/surfactants/dispersants/passivators that break down stickies into water-soluble particles to prevent deposition on the machine clothing.

Application Strategy
Buckman specialists work on-site to conduct necessary process surveys to ensure appropriate process conditions (retention time, pH, temperature, etc.) exist for the successful application of the products, and determine the most cost-effective application points. Application equipment is very straightforward, generally consisting of a pump and metering equipment.

Monitoring and Control Strategy
Stickies control chemistries give the papermaker many opportunities to improve overall equipment efficiency and reduce the total cost of operation by:

  • Reducing downtime for cleaning
  • Reducing off-quality product due to stickies
  • Increasing length of time between solvent or other batch cleaning
  • Reducing chemical costs for other cleaning chemistries
  • Increasing post-consumer fiber substitution or other highly contaminated furnishes

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