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Let Buckman bring a new level of quality and efficiency to your tissue and towel operation.

You want softness in your tissue, not in your chemical solutions provider. That's why Buckman provides strong support for your entire Yankee creping operation, solving problems and creating the opportunities that lead to a better tissue and more efficient tissue making. We'll meet the requirements of your machine, your grades, and your budget.

Creping Chemicals
Comprehensive product lines including:

  • Bubond® range of adhesive chemistries
  • Busperse® range of release chemistries
  • Butrol® range of modifiers for Yankee cylinder protection/corrosion inhibition

Application Technology
Comprehensive solution provider including:

  • Design and supply of automatic creping chemistry dosing system and spray booms
  • Creping set up recommendations based on the customers' unique needs.
  • Coating package recommendation designed to extract maximum value from the creping process.
  • Operator training

Capable of providing a full range of services to optimize creping performance including:

  • Full Yankee creping process audits
  • Blade wear profiles
  • Infrared profiling of Sheet, Yankee surface and reel
  • Base sheet crepe counts
  • Spray boom and feed system design and supply
  • Creping geometry audit and recommendations
  • Creping process vibration monitoring

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