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The power you need to succeed.

From small cogeneration plants to some of the world's largest dedicated power plants, including nuclear plants, Buckman helps power providers meet today's challenges for improved sustainability and regulatory compliance.

Our cost-effective chemical treatment programs use innovative green technologies for energy conservation and reduced emissions, and include everything from innovative pretreatment technologies to water recovery and reuse programs for zero liquid discharge plants. Buckman provides:

  • Influent treatment to produce high-quality water for pretreatment
    • Inorganic and organic coagulants, flocculants
    • Disinfectants for microorganism control
    • Treatments for macroorganisms, including clams and mussels
    • Enhanced coagulation technologies to remove organics in plants with ultra-high pressure boilers at the lowest possible cost
  • Ion exchange plants – resin analysis and cleaning studies, troubleshooting, and performance optimization, with resin cleaning programs and regenerant minimization
  • RO system troubleshooting and performance optimization, with comprehensive selection procedures and a full product range for pretreatment and unit operation, including dechlorination, cleaning, microorganism control, and scale control
  • Cooling water programs for open and closed systems
    • Safe oxidizing and non-oxidizing microbicides and biodispersants
    • New low and nonphosphorus technologies for corrosion and scale control
    • Automated control systems utilizing Buckman's proprietary EZe Monitor equipment
  • Boiler, steam, and condensate programs
    • Phosphate and polymer treatments
    • Organic oxygen scavengers
  • Wastewater programs
    • Antifoams, flocculants, and coagulants
    • Bioaugmentation
    • Sludge dewatering
    • Oil and metal removal chemistries
    • Odor control technologies
  • Water recovery and reuse technologies
    • Full product range for RO and thermal desalination plants

With Buckman, you can maintain system reliability and equipment integrity, ensure optimal condenser efficiency, comply with discharge regulations, and minimize total cost. That's the power of Buckman.

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