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Continuous improvement requires relentless exploration.

The results of our R&D commitment are easy to see. In a year, we may introduce as many as 12 new products on a global basis and many others on a local level. In fact, a good 15% of our profits are generated by leading-edge technologies that are less than four years old—new chemical formulations, process improvements, and innovative new ways for our clients to save money. And every year, a substantial portion of our sales is funneled right back into our R&D efforts.

It's not just about responding to customer needs and requests. It's about creating opportunities that just didn't exist before. We do that by carefully coordinating global R&D workgroups and industry-focused technology platforms. By fostering open communication and by matching the right scientists with the right projects in the best environments, we create efficiencies that fuel the rapid spread of new technologies all over the world.

How can our clients be the best if we aren't?

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