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Fashion will come and go, but the commercial success of each crust and finished leather will depend to a large extent on consistent results coming from a balanced recipe based on quality products from a reliable supplier. Buckman technicians can help your development department create articles new to the marketplace; we can help match fashion items required by your customer; we can help improve performance results to meet demanding standards. How can we help?

Product Range: A wide range of products to cost-effectively develop fashion and technical leathers that meet the needs of today's marketplace.

BUSPERSE® - A diverse range of auxiliaries for retanning.

BUTAN - Syntans, retan, and neutralizing agents for all types of leathers.

BUBOND® - Fixatives for tanning agents to increase uptake. Fixatives for dyestuffs to provide excellent fastness results.

BUTAN OIL - A careful selection of blended fatliquors, oils, and waxes to develop the necessary aesthetic and performance requirements.

BUBREAK® - Defoamers for effective foam control through tannery processing.

BUTAN COLOR - A range of colorants for enhancing the natural beauty of leather.

BUFIN® - Finishing products to complement the durability of leather with aesthetic and technical demands of the finished leather market.

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