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Fungal Protection
Buckman has a wide range of products for the protection of hardwood and softwood timber, logs, poles, posts, agricultural, landscape, and construction lumber. The level of protection and inhibition of wood-destroying fungi is influenced by the protective value of the chemical and method of application, as well as the penetration and retention of the preservative on the treated wood surface. Commonly, deterioration of wood can be attributed to mold, sapstain or blue stain, and wood-destroying fungi.

With sufficient moisture, fungal spores that land on wooden surfaces germinate rapidly. The darkly pigmented spores and mycelia produce a discoloration of the surface that appear as an unsightly, uneven weathering. Buckman fungicides have been developed over many years of intensive study. Many of our products include formulations of several active ingredients for more effective control of fungi.

Sapstain Fungi
Sapstain fungi are somewhat similar to molds in that they do not affect the strength of wood, but rather the appearance and permeability of wood. Unlike molds, however, sapstain fungi not only cause surface discoloration but also discolor the interior of the wood. The color ranges from gray to blue, and sapstain is often referred to as blue stain.

Buckman products are specifically formulated to be retained in the wood, have adequate solution pickup, and provide chemical concentrations that are effective. Buckman sapstain products disperse easily in water to form a stable emulsion. Your Buckman representative will help you to apply the product using your existing equipment.

Wood-Destroying Fungi
These fungi actually attack the wood cells, destroying them and causing weight loss and structural failure. Any evidence of mold or sapstain is indicative of conditions that permit the growth of wood–decaying fungi. Buckman has several products that can assist in preventing wood rot or decay.


Busan® 1009
Busan 1030
Busan 1028
Busan 116SC
Busan 1059

Busan 1223
Busan 1020W
Busan 1071
Busan 1118


Sequestration of Metal Ions
Buckman provides products for sequestering metal ions to ensure brighter lumber and prevent unsightly sapstain discoloration. Our products provide protection against iron tannate stain formation when the lumber is treated in steel tanks or when water with high iron content is used.

Benefits of Sequestration:
Maintains natural color and bright appearance of lumber
Protects lumber from iron tannate stain
Compatible with Buckman sapstain preventatives

Busperse® 293

Water Treatment
Buckman has extensive experience and a wide product range for the treatment of incoming and effluent water systems in lumber mills. Our products are available for:
Microbiological control
Flocculation and coagulation of solids
Color removal
Foam control
Odor control
Sludge dewatering
Water clarification
Foam control

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