Enzymatic Technology isn’t what’s next. It’s what’s now.

Enzymatic technology is transforming how pulp, paper, tissue and packaging products are made—boosting performance, profitability and sustainability for mills around the world. As the global leader in enzymatic technology for the industry, Buckman can help your mill enter the Enzymatic Age too.

We hold 12 patents with six more pending, and we currently have hundreds of applications at work around the world—streamlining processes, reducing energy use, and improving environmental impact. Maximyze® for fiber conditioning, Optimyze® for stickies control and Buzyme® for deposit control can give your mill the advantages it needs to compete successfully for years to come.

Grab the Leading Edge

Click the links below to learn more about these enzymatic technologies for pulp and paper mills:

Maximyze® - Maximize fiber performance. Minimize costs.

Maximyze enzymatic fiber modification programs empower your mill to:

  • Improve tissue, paper and packaging strength
  • Reduce refining energy, which conserves resources, reduces costs, and preserves the integrity of the fiber
  • Improve tissue softness
  • Use less expensive fiber and still achieve target results
  • Improve weight-to-strength ratio
  • Improve drainage
  • Reduce starch use
  • Save energy and reduce CO2 emissions

Find out how Maximyze can improve your packaging operations.
Find out how Maximyze can benefit your tissue operations.

Optimyze® - Set your mill free from pitch and stickies.

With Optimyze enzymatic stickies control, your mill can:

  • Reduce breaks and paper losses
  • Increase machine speeds and production
  • Improve deinking
  • Improve heat transfer on dryer surfaces to reduce energy costs
  • Reduce fiber consumption
  • Replace solvents high in VOCs

Find out how Optimyze can benefit your recycled packaging operations.

Buzyme® - Fewer deposits with fewer chemicals.

Buzyme programs provide superior enzymatic deposit control to:

  • Eliminate slime and keep machines cleaner
  • Reduce shutdowns for wash ups
  • Reduce the use of biocides
  • Improve pitch control
  • Reduce sheet defects
  • Increase runnability and tonnage
  • Reduce chemicals used in pulp bleaching

Vybrant® - Improve Kraft pulp brightness with Vybrant enzymatic bleaching technologies