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Visit us at PaperCon 2018 in Charlotte, NC April 15-18 to hear about our latest innovations in a variety of segments. We invite you to stop by Booth 323 at the Charlotte Convention Center.

Plan to attend the following papers presented by Buckman associates:

Monday, April 16 - 1:30pm – 3pm
Phil Hoekstra, Mark Reed, Rosy Covarrubias and Kevin MacDonald
PA1 – Enzyme Technology
PA1.2 Cellulolytic Enzymes – Versatile Tools in Papermaking (Phil Hoekstra)
PA1.3 Latest Development of Enzymatic Technologies Provides a New Level of Stickies Control (Mark Reed and Rosy Covarrubias)

Monday, April 16th – 3:30pm – 5pm
Kevin MacDonald
PA2 – Advances in Microbiology
PA2.2 Use of a Biocide to Stabilize Wet End Chemistry (Kevin MacDonald)

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