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Strength & Drainage for Packaging

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Improved Strength and Drainage for Packaging
with Maximyze® enzymatic technology

Recycled fiber can be weak, but you want recycled packaging that’s lighter, stronger and more cost-effective to produce. Pump up recycled fiber with new third generation Maximyze.

Improved drainage, machine speed, and plybond strength can mean greater profitability for your mill and more flexibility in your production.

Third generation Maximyze can help you reduce costs every step of the way, including the costs of:

  • Fiber—Get desired results with lower-cost fiber
  • Energy—Reduce refining energy and dryer steam costs
  • Chemistry—Replace more costly strength additives
  • Transportation—Reduce chemistry volume dramatically, reducing the number of deliveries and storage requirements

In addition to return on investment, Maximyze offers a measurable return on environment:

  • Lower steam consumption
  • Reduction in machine drive electrical load
  • Reduced refiner energy
  • Less CO2 emissions generated by mill activities and product delivery

Case Study  - Stronger, lighter, faster.

Challenge: A mill making linerboard with 100% OCC was unable to meet strength targets without adding extra weight and increasing refining. The extra fiber was costly and the heavier sheet coupled with extra refining slowed production.
Solution: Buckman completed a system audit and designed a third generation Maximyze® program that enabled the mill to reduce refining and run at target weight. Also, better drainage allowed them to increase speed while reducing headbox consistency, resulting in superior sheet formation.
Result: Reduced fiber use, less mechanical refining, and increased speeds resulted in savings of US $3.21 per ton.
Return on Investment: Reduced fiber use, less mechanical refining, and increased speeds resulted in savings of US $3.21 per ton.

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