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Let's tap into our better nature.

The future depends on a clean, productive environment. That's why Buckman has developed the tools to accurately measure a customer's ROE (return on environment). We proactively help customers achieve significant ROE by developing biodegradable, non-toxic and naturally derived products as well as effective energy saving, water recycling and waste reduction technologies.

In 2010, Buckman set reduction targets for our own energy use, water use, waste, emissions and more. Today, we are happy to report that great progress has been made in every area, and we encourage you to check out the details in our latest GRI report.

We also make a full report to the Carbon Disclosure Project, an international, not-for-profit organization providing a global system for companies to measure, share and manage environmental information.

The way we see it, finding ways to reduce is the best way to grow.

Please download our latest Sustainability Report for up-to-date information on our environmental progress and our awards, including the Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Award from the EPA.

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