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At Buckman we have eight business management standards we apply to every customer account the world over: communication, system knowledge, planning, safety, program manuals, service and activity reports, business reviews, and continuous improvement. That last one is the end goal for every client, the driving inspiration for everything we do. It's like climbing an endless ladder, one rung at a time, going higher in efficiency, safety, and performance, with an eye always on that next rung.

To help you achieve continuous improvement, we at Buckman are continuously training our own people to provide the leadership you need. In fact, we employ 20 full-time and 75 part-time trainers who teach 200 different courses every year to keep our people ready to help yours.

The Transition & Service Plan Workshops

New and different can be stressful. Buckman strives to remove the stress of change and replace it with confidence and assurance. We do that through our Transition Workshops. Before we pump one drop of our product into a new client's facility, we bring in our people. We ask questions, consulting not only the managers, but also the operators on the floor, the guys working the docks—everyone who may be affected by a transition to Buckman's chemicals and services. We find out what your expectations are, and only then do we deliver.

Once the transition is complete we turn to the Service Plan Workshop in which we document our interviews, confirm expectations, and determine how you will measure results. We create an in-depth implementation plan. From that plan, we know, going forward, how to avoid problems, meet mutually agreed-upon goals, and pave the way to continuous improvement.

The Joint Problem-Solving Workshop

Yours is a complex operation that calls for solutions that streamline, simplify, and strengthen. Once again, Buckman turns to its proven workshop format to help solve the difficult problems you face and avoid others before they can occur. Our Joint Problem-Solving Workshop builds consensus between people and establishes a carefully wrought plan for initiating and managing positive change. Once the plan is implemented, the benefits and improvements are traced over time to help measure ROI and ensure continued success.

The Customer Satisfaction Survey

Satisfaction comes from a job well done. It grows out of achievement and improvement. It is measured both in human, emotional terms and in financial terms. Buckman seeks customer satisfaction at every level. At the heart of this quest is the Customer Satisfaction Survey because we know, ultimately, that customer input yields customer satisfaction. It allows us to know where we have succeeded and where we need to improve, and it helps us to indentify new goals to pursue. It takes five minutes to complete but creates lasting improvements that benefit everybody and strengthens the relationship between us.

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