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Buckman's global supply chain strategy can be summarized as follows:

We procure a broad range of materials, produce finished goods for our customers, and ensure safe and timely delivery of Buckman's products to our customers. Our sales and marketing groups strive to differentiate Buckman with our customers by taking a customer intimate approach with them. We strengthen our customer intimate approach by supporting broad product ranges, minimizing lead times, ensuring accurate delivery, and providing professional customer service. Our demand planning processes, globally coordinated strategic procurement, and focused project teams allow us to:

  • Better understand customers' needs, delivery expectations, and requirements, and thus fulfill them in a cost-effective manner
  • Provide our sales force with market intelligence and tools to improve profitability
  • Collaborate with our suppliers, Sales & Marketing, and R&D associates early in product development and/or (re-)design to optimize profit and assurance of supply
  • Minimize inventories without negatively affecting customer satisfaction
  • Continuously improve our supply chain processes by keeping pace with best practices
  • Integrate sustainability into our supply chain processes.

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