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Performance Chemicals

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Buckman supplies customized, performance-oriented chemical solutions to manufacturers in a wide variety of industries. Our customers look to us and our products to preserve, protect, clean, stabilize, optimize, and perhaps most important, create new opportunities. So our customers can improve their products, gain efficiencies in production, and compete more successfully in a global marketplace.

High performance and superior results. That's what you get from our people and our chemistry.

Our commitment is far-reaching. And so is our impact.

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Recreational Water Products

The clear choice in pool and spa protection.
Available in the North America and South Africa only.

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BSC™ 8000

BSC 8000 is a specially designed, concentrated, cleaning dispersant for use in cooling water systems.


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Butrol® 331

Butrol 331 is the product of choice for corrosion protection against in-can corrosion and early rust on both ferrous and non-ferrous metals.


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Performance Chemicals

A commitment that goes farther.

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